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Garage door geeks got a phone call requesting to come out for an estimate and install a garage door as soon as possible. When the technician arrived, he saw the garage door had folded in on its self when the bottom rollers popped out of the track. The client wasnt able to meet the technician at home, but the technician was able to explain everything over the phone and recommend an insulated garage door to prevent the same problem from happening. We were able to locate the specific size and come out the following day to install a new insulated garage door. We provided a 3 years warranty with the installation and left a sticker with the installation date and emergency contact information.

    A customer called us today to fix what he thought was a broken torsion spring on his garage door. He explained the problem over the phone as being extremely heavy to.open the door. When we arrived the torsion spring had in fact broken. While fixing the problem he also asked us to install a t-lock as the garage door opener was not working anymore and didn’t want to repair it. We disengagard the emergency key release and tied it neatly to the garage door. Installed the new T-Lock and latches to lock the garage door. While the door was broken the super sneaky brackets, also known as quick release brackets, had inverted and one of the two rollers had fallen out, aswell af the super sneaky bracket inverted itself and couldn’t be undone. The only way to flip the bracket back was when the garage door was slightly opened we had enough play to reverse it.

      A commercial customer had called us to repair the cables on his large garage door in a mechanic shop. Upon arrival we saw that the cables had frayed and would have broken soon. We removed the tension from each torsion spring and loosened the cables enough to remove them. Placing the garage door on blocks of wood makes it easier to remove the bottom brackets so you can remove the cables easier. In this situation the old cables were different lengths, most likely the previous garage door company replaced only one cable instead of both, so the torsion springs had to be released from the torsion bar in order to adjust the center coupling and balance the garage door.

        A customer called us to replace the bottom seal or bottom rubber of a garage door. Upon arrival we noticed that the bottom retainer was plastic and didn’t crack over time and doesnt have to be replaced. In order to change the rubber we needed to remove the bottom brackets as they were heavy duty and wrapped around the bottom of the garage door. The garage door was manufactured by Garaga and they very often use commercial hardware on residential garage doors. We lifted the garage door to almost full position so that we could loosen the bottom brackets enough to wedge a pry bar underneath so that we could pull the old bottom rubber out and replace it with a new bottom seal. After successfully replacing the bottom rubber we refastened the bottom brackets and lowered the garage door. We also lubricated the ball bearing rollers, side bearing plates and torsion springs. Maintenance is important to the longevity of a garage door.

        A customer called about a garage door opener problem where the garage door wouldn’t stay down. The first diagnosis over the phone was the garage door limit needed to be adjusted. I tried helping the customer over the phone as not to come out, but he was not able to resolve the problem. When we came out we adjusted the limit switch so the garage door stays closed but on the way back up it only went up half way. I immediately knew that the sprocket had broken inside the garage door opener. When the sprocket is slightly broken it doesnt make full contact with the limit switch so it sends the garage door to far down usually. After the repair we also lubricated the rollers and torsion spring. The rest of the components were fine and did not need to be replaced

        A customer called us explaining over the phone that the garage door wouldn’t move when pressing the button. The diagnosis over the phone was the nylon gear inside the garage door opener stripped out or the sprocket kit ontop of the motor broke. Upon arrival the customer explained the garage door had hit something on the way down and started to malfunction after that. We were able to put the chain back on the sprocket and the garage door opener started working fine.

          A lady called asking us to come out and tighten the roller chain on her old garage door motor. Over the phone I explained that rarely the chain gets loose and most likely the sprocket is wearing out and needs replacement. Upon arrival we saw the garage door opener was a Stanley, and being out of the garage door business, replacement parts are no longer available. After climbing the ladder and inspecting the problem, we noticed the rail is connected to a scru which is adjustable. This scru tightens the chain. After closer inspection we noticed the chain had fallen off the front pulley and needed to be put back on. After properly tightening the chain, and putting the chain back on the pulley the garage door opener was successfully repaired.

            A customer called complaining of a garage door not lifting and an error message appearing on the LCD screen saying excessive force to open. Over the phone I diagnosed it as the torsion springs being broken. Upon arrival the tirsion springs were fine, and the garage door didn’t need balancing. After trying to run the garage door motor the message didn’t disappear, reprogramming the limits and the force did not help either. After disconnecting the power and the battery back up, upon start up the message disappeared. We suspect a power surge erased the programming in circuit board and caused it to think the garage door was to heavy

              It is important for us to reach your house at these temperatures during the winter months. Many people rely on their garage to enter and leave the house. In the event of power outages it is essential to bring keys to the house or install a battery-resistant garage door opener. In the winter months we receive a large amount of calls where people are locked out of their home because the garage door is broken. The liftmaster 8550 is a great solution as it comes with a battery back up and we currently have it on special with 2 car remotes and outside keypad. All the new liftmaster garage door openers have a wifi controller that enable one to open and close the garage door remotely from a smart phone, tablet or PC.

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