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To protect the house against moisture and weather damage, homeowners will install aluminum capping – also called trim or cladding – around their windows and doors.

Since the garage door is often the largest and most prominent point of entry for the house, homeowners should consider installing aluminum capping for the garage door. It is a positive-return investment that both improves the look of your garage while protecting the garage door frame. Aluminum capping can save you a lot of money on home repairs – as it protects the wooden garage door frame from rotting and cracking.

WHAT IS Garage Door Aluminum capping?

Aluminum capping is cut-to-order cladding (from aluminum rolls) that is installed to cover and protect the wood garage door frame. It is applied as wrapping to cover every square inch of the frame. Every piece meets flush with the garage itself to create the perfect seal – which seals off draughts and controls thermoregulation.

Aluminum capping is popular for different parts of the home (ie. window sills) – but always with the same purpose – to protect wood frames against weather damage and moisture.

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benefits of capping for the garage door frame

Aluminum capping for the garage door has several benefits. It is one of the most simple yet effective financial investments you can make for your home exterior.

Protection for the Wood Garage Door Frame

Aluminum capping will seal off your garage door protecting it for decades, even if your wood door frame is already beginning to show some damage. Wood rot caused by weather damage will no longer be a concern.

Looks Great for Better Curb Appeal

Modern homes need modern materials for protecting the exterior.  This is also true for modern garage doors.  A distressed wood garage door frame will stand out in contrast to an exterior that uses high-end materials.  Aluminum capping improves the aesthetics of your home – boosting the “curb appeal” which is typically a good investment.  

Our garage door capping service is always bespoke, custom-made with a wide range of aluminum types and colours to choose from.  Your garage door frame will match your garage door and be as modern as your home’s exterior.

No More Maintenance Costs - No More Painting!

Aluminum garage door capping doesn’t rust – even after years of harsh weather, snow and rain like we only get in Canada! The factory paint for aluminum capping – available in almost any colour to match the garage door – resists fading from sun and road salt and will keep looking vibrant for years. No more painting and sealing a damaged wood frame every summer!

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More Efficient Energy Usage

For some properties the garage door can take up 30% of the house’s front exterior. Because of this, the garage door and frame can be a huge cause of heat loss for the structure. Heat is lost in the winter (and air conditioning escapes in summer) – especially when the garage door frame is warped and cracked causing a draught.

Aluminum garage door capping seals up the exterior of the home at every point of contact with the garage door frame. You can expect to see lower energy usage on your monthly bill – a result of better thermoregulation

Cheaper than Replacing a Garage Door Frame

Garage door capping is one of the most simple and beneficial investments you can make for your home.  Capping looks great and lowers your maintenance and energy bills.  And it also happens to be less expensive than paying for a new garage door frame!  For homeowners, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


For Garage Door Aluminum Capping Always Hire a Professional

All our garage door capping services are delivered by highly skilled professionals.  Each project is a custom job measured and cut by a tradesman operating a hand press brake to bend metal sheets.

It is important that garage door capping is measured and installed by a professional. Professionally delivered garage door capping will help your home’s exterior to look amazing.  However when DIY homeowners attempt to perform this job – the results are usually amateurish and really draw the eye towards the cladding defects!  Measuring, cutting, and applying sheet metal is a trade requiring years of experience.

At Garage Door Geeks we have been delivering garage door capping projects in the GTA for 20 years. We have the skills and experience to design, build and install modern garage doors and capping on garages both residential and commercial.

Contact us today and receive a free no-hassle quote for garage door capping.  Our mobile management team is operating across the GTA and can provide a no-commitment quote the same day.

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