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Anita C
Anita C
November 6, 2023.
Highly recommend. Erick was transparent about pricing, professional, and pleasant to consult with. Pavel, the technician, was fantastic. Honest, courteous, efficient, took the time to explain what actually needs or does not need to be fixed. After completion of repairs, went over all the work done. Would recommend in a heartbeat.
Igor Skoskiewicz
Igor Skoskiewicz
November 6, 2023.
Nazar was awesome to work with. Exceeded all my expectations and installed a roll up garage door to perfection. Our installation was fairly custom and his ideas and willingness to go the extra mile achieved amazing results!
Andrea Kovac
Andrea Kovac
November 3, 2023.
Yuri came to fix our garage door. It was an intricate issue but he took his time and made sure no small detail was overlooked. Extremely satisfied with the fix.
Ydafus smith
Ydafus smith
November 3, 2023.
Great, quick fix for door hardware that was damaged. Excellent work by Pavel.
Hanna Bratt
Hanna Bratt
November 2, 2023.
Arrived promptly, and fixed my garage door! Thank you
Matt Young
Matt Young
November 2, 2023.
Pavel from Garage Geeks was awesome!! Arrived on time, professional & courteous . Would def call if I have any other problems. Highly recommended!
Karin Lang
Karin Lang
October 31, 2023.
Excellent service, prompt to respond, very professional.
Mark K
Mark K
October 30, 2023.
Both cars were trapped in the garage by a broken spring at 1P.M. By 3 P.M. both springs were replaced! Very prompt, professional and courteous service. Highly recommended.
meaghan Murray
meaghan Murray
October 25, 2023.
Great service & so happy with how the doors turned out!! Would recommend 100% Thank you
October 24, 2023.
Stellar service and installation. Oleh was superb from start to finish with quotes and recommendation, Erick was extremely professional and helpful in coordination for the installation and Yuri was extremely friendly, efficient and knowledgable during the installation. If I could give more than 5 stars I would. Don't think twice, these guys are hands down the company to deal with for garage doors. Thank you to all!
garage door spring repair toronto

Garage Door Spring Repair | Repair or Replace Toronto GTA

When your garage door spring is failing, it’s more than an inconvenience—it’s a major disruption to your daily routine. It is also an important safety issue, as a worn out garage door spring can cause the garage door to fall down without warning.

At Garage Door Geeks, we understand the urgency of the problem and are on-call 7 days a week to provide urgent garage door spring repair or replacement.

Our dedication to customer satisfaction is backed by our 1-Year Warranty on service, offering peace of mind with every repair. With over 200 5-star reviews on Google Maps, we’ve earned the trust of homeowners throughout Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, North York and Oakville.

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Garage Door Springs : Repair or Replace?

All garage door springs will wear out over time, but there are different levels to the wear and damage that cause problems. Not every issue requires spring replacement. It’s also possible that the garage door opener is causing the problem, so it’s important to call an expert.

Sometimes, a professional repair will get your garage door working properly, and save you money.

We’re dedicated to helping you make the best decision for a specific issue. It’s part of our commitment to offering the best value for our customers.

repair garage door spring toronto

Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair

Our expert technicians can diagnose whether your garage door spring just needs a tune-up.

There are a few repair tasks we can deliver in order to get your garage door working again.

All of our repair services are covered by our 1 Year Service Warranty and we provide FREE QUOTES.

Our team of garage door repair professionals will do a spot check of your spring and can perform the following repairs:

Tension Adjustment – adjusting the tension of the existing spring to ensure it functions correctly.

Warping Repair – Fixing any warping or bending in the spring to restore its shape.

Rust and Corrosion Treatment – treating rust or corrosion on the spring to prevent further damage.

Safety Inspection – conducting a comprehensive safety inspection to identify and fix any issues including snapped garage door cables.

Lubrication – applying lubrication to ensure smooth spring operation.

Balance Restoration – Restoring the balance of the garage door by adjusting the spring.

Opener Inspection – it’s possible that the issue requires the garage door opener to be repaired.

Our technicians can perform one or more of these tune ups to get your garage door working again for a less expensive price.

Sometimes, your garage door may require a replacement spring …

repair garage door spring toronto

Garage Door Spring Replacement

At Garage Door Geeks, we always strive to provide the most cost-effective solutions for our customers. However, in some cases outright garage door spring replacement may be required. Strong garage door springs are also a safety requirement, so spring replacement may be the safest option for you.

Our expert technicians are well-equipped to handle garage door spring replacements with precision and efficiency. Our trucks are rolling across the Greater Toronto Area everyday and we carry replacement springs with us at all times. Our replacement springs are manufactured in Canada.

Spring replacement service is covered by our 1 Year Warranty and we send out FREE QUOTES for replacement parts.

We offer Same Day Service when you call before 2pm on a weekday.

garage door spring replacement toronto

Frequently Asked Questions

For service in the Greater Toronto Area, we charge $140 + HST for the spring installation service. Contact us today for a FREE QUOTE and we can learn more about your issue and check that you are located in our normal service area.

A replacement garage door spring normally costs between $120 – $180 + HST. Therefore with the cost of service (approx. $140) you can expect to pay between $260 – $340 + HST for spring replacement.

The above figures are estimates based on GTA service for common residential garage door setups. Contact us for your specific location and issue and we will send a FREE QUOTE.

The lifespan of a garage door spring is typically measured in cycles, not turns. The average lifespan of a garage door spring is typically around 10,000 cycles. Depending on how often your garage door is opened and closed, the spring can last between 7 – 15 years.

All our replacement garage door springs are manufactured in Canada and come with manufacturer’s warranty, in addition to our 1 Year Garage Door Geeks Warranty on Service.

Garage door springs play a pivotal role in the operation of your garage door. There are two main types of springs: torsion springs and extension springs. Torsion springs are mounted above the door and store energy by twisting or coiling. When the door is closed, these springs accumulate energy, which is then released when you open the door. This energy release assists in lifting the door smoothly and safely.

Extension springs, on the other hand, are typically installed on either side of the door. They extend and contract to provide the necessary force for lifting and lowering the door. Both types of springs work alongside cables and the garage door opener, ensuring controlled and balanced movement.

Yes, the weight of your garage door is crucial. Garage door springs are engineered to counterbalance the door’s weight. If the springs aren’t correctly installed, or you dont have the right type of springs for your door, it can lead to premature wear and safety hazards.

It’s essential to ensure that your springs are calibrated for your garage door’s weight to guarantee safe and efficient operation. At Garage Door Geeks, we are experts with experience with every type of door and spring.

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With over 200 5 Star Reviews on Google Maps, we are proud to be the best reviewed garage door repair team in the GTA.

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At Garage Door Geeks we have technicians serving Toronto, Etobicoke, North York Mississauga and Oakville to offer you fast and reliable same day service. Our technicians carry replacement springs on their trucks so we can repair your garage door by the end of the day!

We offer same day service if you call before 2pm on a weekday.

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