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Garage Door Geeks are dedicated to bringing you satisfaction. With over 10 years of experience, our skilled technicians offer exceptional service to help keep your door last you longer. Garage Door Geeks technicians have the skills and components necessary to make your door work smoothly. We guarantee all garage door products, along with the installed components, which our professional technicians perform on your garage door.

A proper functioning garage door is vital for a long life of a garage door and all parts. Our qualified technicians will replace or repair broken garage door, warn out parts to improve the longevity of the door. A garage door is composed of many metallic parts that need to be constantly lubricated to reduce the wearing of bearings and hinges. To understand the proper upkeep of a door, the mechanics of the garage door have to be first understood. A garage door is composed of a few mechanical components such as garage door springs , when integrated together they work as a whole.

The main component of any door is the spring. The torsion spring is usually found over the garage door, its role is to take away as much weight as possible, making it seem light enough to lift with one finger. The springs are wound in respect to the height of the door, and are secured to a torsion bar. The torsion bar stretches from one side to the other, overhanging the tracks. On either side of the door, drums are located to wind up cables that are attached to the bottom of the garage door.


The integration of the spring, torsion bar and cable give the effect of a seemingly light door. When a spring is wound in respect to the height of the garage door, it has a potential force which takes away the back breaking force needed to lift the garage door. Hinges are used to fold the door into sections as it rides up the tracks. Attached to the side are ball bearing garage rollers that ease the door up the tracks to the top. When lubrication is neglected a lot of these components start to wear out and need to be repaired. The spring, being the vital component, needs to be lubricated seasonally to reduce friction.

When the spring is wound, it rubs against itself creating a lot of tension; the reason lubrication is required is to ease the unwinding so that the repair of them is not needed. Hinges and ball bearing garage rollers need to be lubricated to insure the proper function of a garage door. A hinge folds and unfolds as the garage door eases its way up and down the tracks rubbing against itself; lubrication decreases the amount of wear on the metal, allowing the hinges to work longer and reducing the risk of repair.

Ball bearing rollers are as vital a component as the spring; the main difference being when a spring brakes a garage door is no longer functional, but ball bearing rollers will degrade your door unknowingly. A ball bearing roller is no longer good when the inner bearings are worn out and the wheel moves freely side to side. The movement of the wheel causes vibrations which directly affect the hinges; nuts on the hinges start to undo and cause them to fall out leaving the hinge unsecured and cause panels to fall out. We have the qualified technicians to repair your door properly, but proper maintenance can reduce the need of repair.

You can trust your service call with Garage Door Geeks with all your garage door opener and garage door repair and installation service needs.

To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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