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At Garage Door Geeks we know that homeowners rely on their garage door to operate smoothly everyday. For garage door repair services, our goal is to get your garage door operating again as soon as possible. We are committed to repairing broken garage doors for a reasonable price while providing the highest standard of professional care.

We have over 15 years experience providing garage door repair services in Toronto and the GTA. All of our technicians are fully trained and insured with our parts and labour under warranty as well. We carry almost all components of the garage door system – springs, openers, hinges, tracks etc. – on our trucks and will always look to repair items before replacing them.

The key to a long-lasting garage door is maintaining the smooth function of the garage door system. The entire system is designed to open and close the garage door with a minimum of force and resistance. So making sure that each component is operating smoothly is necessary to prevent damage to the greater system.

Our technicians will fix any obvious issues (ie. broken garage door spring) but also will perform maintenance checks on the hinges, rollers, tracks, cables etc. to make sure that any further issues are prevented. Lubrication of metal components is part of our standard service. Our goal is to improve the longevity of your doors so you won’t have to spend on new doors or a new garage door opener.

One of the most common parts that we repair is the garage door spring – aka the torsion spring. The garage door spring releases an incredible amount of force to help lift the garage door and should last for 10,000 cycles – which can be anywhere from 7 – 15 years. Over time the garage door spring will become worn out, or rusted and corroded by exposure to the elements. We repair and replace garage door springs everyday and can fix this issue for you the same day you call.

WARNING: The garage door spring stores hundreds of pounds of force. Do NOT attempt any DIY work on a garage door spring. The spring stores so much force, the risk of injuring oneself is extremely high. Leave the job to the professionals at Garage Door Geeks.


The system of the garage door spring, torsion spring and cable work together to lift the heavy weight of the garage door.

When the garage door closes, the spring coils and stores a huge amount of potential force that is ready to lift the door on the next cycle. The garage door hinges fold the door into sections as it rolls up the tracks. The rollers are actually complex wheels with tiny ball bearings that ease friction as the door rolls up.

When lubrication is neglected many of these components wear out and must be replaced. The spring is the most important component and must be lubricated seasonally to reduce friction. It’s also possible that when the spring is wound, it rubs against itself, creating a lot of tension. This is another reason why lubrication is necessary to ease the unwinding process and reduce wearing out.

Make sure to lubricate hinges and rollers for optimal performance. A hinge folds and unfolds as the garage door eases its way up and down the tracks – which creates friction. Lubrication decreases the amount of wear on the metal, allowing the garage door hinges to work for many years.

Garage door rollers are almost as important as the spring. The main difference being when a spring breaks the garage door is no longer functional. Ball-bearing rollers will slowly degrade your door if they are worn out . A roller is no good when the inner bearings are worn and the wheel is allowed to wobble. The movement of the wheel causes vibrations that directly affect the hinges. The hinges come under strain which can cause them to fall apart, leaving the hinge unsecured and causing panels to break off.

A properly maintained door will protect against future problems, which is why our technicians provide maintenance with every repair call. Call us or fill out our contact form for more information. We will gladly answer all of your questions.

The Garage Door Geeks can handle all your garage door opener and garage door repair and garage door installation needs.

To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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