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The opener of a garage door has evolved from convenience to safety. For a qualified garage door technician, repairing a garage door opener is not difficult.

A garage door opener is in need of repair when the garage door is not functioning properly and is causing too much strain on the garage door opener. A smooth running garage door is vital to keep your garage door opener from need of repair. When a garage door spring breaks, the weight of the door increases making the garage door opener work harder and will need repair soon after. When a garage door is too heavy, the garage door opener is working much harder trying to lift the full weight of the door. When rollers are worn out and need of repair, they cause the garage door to rub up against the tracks requiring more force to pull the garage door open.

Typical repair for a garage door opener is the nylon gear located on the sprocket that transfers kinetic energy from the motor to the chain. A sprocket can also break when the weight of the door is to heavy and it causes extra strain on the chain; causing to rub on the bracket it spins on, wearing out the metal and causing the sprocket to snap.


Delaying the repair of the door or opener can be more costly then inspecting the problem immediately and repairing the broken or worn out parts. A garage door opener holds your door securely in place at the bottom insuring no one can break in; when a garage door opener is need of repair, the garage is more vulnerable to someone being able to break in.

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To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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