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Garage Door installation

The proper installation of a garage door and is key to ensure the long life of a door. Our trained technicians provide a proper garage door install to insure the long life of all the hardware. We will also install and setup garage door openers. A correct garage door installation consists of lining the door up to the frame and floor.

When the door rubs against tracks or walls, a bad garage door design is evident. Our qualified technicians must check the area around the garage door to ensure proper installation during the estimate of a new garage door .In low ceiling garages, special double over headroom tracks are needed for the correct movement of a door. This is a typical scenario when an old single piece flip open garage door was used previously.

The installation of a new garage door is occasionally necessary if the repair of an old garage door is too expensive.

In the case when someone drives into a garage door, it is possible to salvage the tracks, torsion bar, hinges and rollers; and all that is needed is a new garage door face. If a garage door repair is not possible, the installation of a new garage door face reduces the price when the old hardware is compatible.

A one piece flip open garage door is outdated by 20+ years of innovative improvements in the garage door industry. The repair of a flip open garage door has been proven to be costly for the reason of custom order parts. A new garage door installation is a solution to a problematic flip open garage door.


Vandalized garage doors are periodically recovered from the damage, depending on what has happened. If the door, carriage house was damaged in the process of a break-in, a trained technician should repair the garage door to reduce the risk of someone being able to get in. The best solution is to install a new garage door, but other solutions are also available.

Garage Door Geeks can help you reduce the cost with solutions that suit your budget. We can handle any commercial & residential garage door installation from wood garage doors and steel garage doors.

To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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