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Installing a garage door opener correctly is important for an opener’s long life. Our professional technicians can mount the opener on the right height and slope of the garage door. Inner components of the garage door opener start to wear out noticeably faster along with hardware components on the garage door if proper height and slope weren’t implemented on the installation of the garage door opener.

A garage door opener installation consists of many key components which make them work as a whole. The force of a garage door opener is adjusted by the technician specifically to the setup that is needed. The force function of the garage door works as a safety feature; if the garage door is caught on something, on the up or down movement, it triggers the garage door opener to temporarily stop working not to further the damage to the door or on what it gets caught on.

The safety eyes is another safety feature; on the down movement, if something interrupts the path of the light of the safety eyes, the door retreats not to hit the object interrupting the signal. On the installation of the safety eyes, the height of the feature is important; if the garage door has a truss or any other protruding objects, it is important to insure they won’t interrupt the safety eyes beam.

Another key point during the installation, while securing the wires to the wall, most important is not to puncture the housing as not to interrupt the signal. Proper tension has to be given to the chain of the garage door opener during the installation. If the chain on the garage door opener is too tight it can cause the nylon gear to wear out much faster and will need repair. The over tension of a chain can also snap the sprocket, which will make the garage door opener completely unusable.


To help a garage door opener and garage door opener parts work longer after a new installation, it is important to maintain the proper functionality of the garage door. Maintaining your door is in your interests to help the garage door opener work longer, but a power surge is out of your hands and can damage and garage door opener to the point of no repair. A recommended feature to go along with a new garage door opener installation is a power surge protector.

Garage Door Geeks is proud to offer a wide range of services beyond garage opener installations, we also specialize in new garage door repair, garage opener repair and more.

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To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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