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To make sure your garage door opener works for many years, it is important that it is installed correctly. At Garage Door Geeks we have been helping homeowners with their garage door openers for over 15 years and we have seen many types of faulty setups that damage functionality.

If you have a new garage door opener that needs to be installed, then get in touch with our mobile management team today for a FREE quote and speedy service delivery. If your current garage door opener is not working properly then it may be because the initial setup and installation may be compromised. Give us a call and we can help solve this issue.

Proper installation of the garage door opener requires alignment with the height and slope of the garage door and tracks. This is critical because we want to decrease the amount of resistance between the opener and the garage door while it is opening and closing. We want the garage door opener to do less work! If the setup is less than optimal, there is more strain on the inner components of the opener and wear and tear happens faster.

Correct garage door opener installation has more factors than just slope and height to consider. Another consideration is the force adjustment settings of the opener – which is very important for safety. We want to adjust the force setting so there is enough power to lift the door, while ensuring that it will stop if it’s blocked or caught on something.

Our technicians will also ensure that the “safety eyes” feature is properly set up. Safety eyes are required by law for all garage door opener manufacturers as they prevent accidents where people are underneath the garage door. If something interrupts the light beam of the safety eyes, the door reverses closing in order not to trap anyone underneath. This is a safety feature that we take seriously and we will always make sure that safety eyes are set up correctly.

Another factor that we assess is the chain tension of the garage door opener. If the tension of the chain is too tight it can cause the nylon gear to wear out fast. Too much tension can also snap the sprocket which will cause the opener to break down completely.

At Garage Door Geeks, our trained and insured technicians have the expertise to judge the critical factors for garage door opener installation: height, slope, force adjustment, safety eyes and chain tension. Give us a call today for a FREE quote so we can properly install your garage door opener by the end of the day.


We have trucks rolling across the GTA and we could be in your neighbourhood today! We make service calls across Toronto and also Markham, Mississauga, Vaughan, Oakville and other municipalities in the region.

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At Garage Door Geeks we are proud to offer a range of garage related services beyond garage door opener installation. We also provide garage door repair, new garage door installation and garage door opener repair. Get in touch and see why we are the best rated!

To protect your garage door frame be sure to check out our garage door capping service.  Aluminum capping will protect the frame while improving it’s appearance and saving energy!

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