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Homegarage door repairGarage door bottom seal replacement in forest hill
Home Garage door bottom seal replacement in forest hill
Garage door bottom seal replacement in forest hill

A customer called us to replace the bottom seal or bottom rubber of a garage door. Upon arrival we noticed that the bottom retainer was plastic and didn’t crack over time and doesnt have to be replaced. In order to change the rubber we needed to remove the bottom brackets as they were heavy duty and wrapped around the bottom of the garage door. The garage door was manufactured by Garaga and they very often use commercial hardware on residential garage doors. We lifted the garage door to almost full position so that we could loosen the bottom brackets enough to wedge a pry bar underneath so that we could pull the old bottom rubber out and replace it with a new bottom seal. After successfully replacing the bottom rubber we refastened the bottom brackets and lowered the garage door. We also lubricated the ball bearing rollers, side bearing plates and torsion springs. Maintenance is important to the longevity of a garage door.

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