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Homegarage door repairCraftsman garage door opener repair in Scarborough
Home Craftsman garage door opener repair in Scarborough
Craftsman garage door opener repair in Scarborough

A customer called about a garage door opener problem where the garage door wouldn’t stay down. The first diagnosis over the phone was the garage door limit needed to be adjusted. I tried helping the customer over the phone as not to come out, but he was not able to resolve the problem. When we came out we adjusted the limit switch so the garage door stays closed but on the way back up it only went up half way. I immediately knew that the sprocket had broken inside the garage door opener. When the sprocket is slightly broken it doesnt make full contact with the limit switch so it sends the garage door to far down usually. After the repair we also lubricated the rollers and torsion spring. The rest of the components were fine and did not need to be replaced

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