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HomelatestGarage door spring repair in Scarborough
Home Garage door spring repair in Scarborough
Garage door spring repair in Scarborough

A customer called us today to fix what he thought was a broken torsion spring on his garage door. He explained the problem over the phone as being extremely heavy to.open the door. When we arrived the torsion spring had in fact broken. While fixing the problem he also asked us to install a t-lock as the garage door opener was not working anymore and didn’t want to repair it. We disengagard the emergency key release and tied it neatly to the garage door. Installed the new T-Lock and latches to lock the garage door. While the door was broken the super sneaky brackets, also known as quick release brackets, had inverted and one of the two rollers had fallen out, aswell af the super sneaky bracket inverted itself and couldn’t be undone. The only way to flip the bracket back was when the garage door was slightly opened we had enough play to reverse it.

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