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Garage Door Geeks Warranty

Garage Door Geeks are dedicated to bringing you satisfaction. For over 10 years of experience, our professional technicians provide excellent service to help keep the door working for longer. Garage Door Geeks technicians are provided with the skills and parts needed to make your door run smoothly. We offer warranty on all work that our qualified technicians perform on your garage door, along with the parts installed.

Our warranty is unbeatable, with flexible plans to help your garage door hold together strong for longer. We have great deals that will bring your door into optimal working condition. With all repairs performed, we lubricate your door with the proper spray lubricant. Before leaving your home, we give you important information on how to properly maintain your door. Without the proper knowledge of garage door mechanics, a home owner can’t be expected to maintain a door. Our trained technicians give you a quick lesson on what are the key components and how to optimize the life of your garage door.

Why Choose Us?

  • Qualified technicians fully equipped with the knowledge and parts to repair your garage door
  • Fast, friendly and affordable service, with exceptional punctuality making sure to work around your schedule
  • After every visit, full lubrication of all hardware (springs, hinges, bearings and ball bearing garage rollers)
  • Our trained technicians will quickly go over on what needs to be maintained seasonally to keep your door running longer

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