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Old Style Garage Door Springs in Toronto & GTA

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Extension springs on one-piece single panel garage doors are distinct, and it is very important that you order the proper springs to ensure that your door will operate normally. These are called “single panel one-piece garage door expansion springs”. They are different from sectional garage door extension springs due to the fact that they are made differently. Springs for one piece (single panel) garage doors are wound more firmly and they do not function the same as sectional door extension springs.

There are 2 major styles of one-piece springs. First, the standard spring. This spring is used by several door manufacturers. If the top of your door has rollers that roll along a metal track that extends horizontally toward the rear of your garage, you have a standard one-piece single panel garage door extension spring.

The other type of spring is the One Piece or Single Panel Door Spring. These springs have different hardware, so the the door does not roll along horizontal tracks. The whole door weight is supported by the pivot assembly.

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Intro to One Piece Single Panel Garage Door Springs

When the one-piece, single panel door is fully shut, the extension spring is stretched to the maximum. The bottom of the spring does not move while the hardware secures the top to the lever arm.

The single panel door spring pulls the lever arm. The opposite end of the lever affixes to the end of the garage door near the floor. One point on the bar arm serves as a pivot – it remains fixed when the door opens and shuts.

When you lift the door to open it, you do not feel the entire weight of the door. Rather, the springs help to raise the door weight. As the one-piece door opens up, the extension spring pulls down on the lever arm. When you help to raise the bottom of the door, you lift one end of the lever. The extension spring pulls the other end, helping the door open.

As the door opens, the extension spring contracts and releases it’s energy. At the same time, the angle in between the lever arm and the door changes, and the pivot points holds more of the door weight. When the door is fully open, the small amount of stretch that remains will hold the weight of the door that has not been transferred to the pivot point.

Most one-piece solitary panel doors are not quite as simple as the above explanation, but their design sticks to these principles. While some doors have a horizontal track to manage the top of the door, other hardware can support the door without needing the track.

Standard Single-Panel Door Springs:

Standard single panel door extension springs look really similar to the extension springs found on sectional overhead garage doors. One noticeable difference between these springs is that one-piece door springs are shorter than sectional springs. At the same time, single panel springs can have similar types of spring ends.

Replace one spring or multiple springs?

If one of your one-piece springs breaks down, we advise that you replace both of them, or all four if you have quad springs on your door.

One reason for this is that if you change the spring on one side of the door and not the opposite side, the springs will be unbalanced since the brand-new spring is more powerful than the older fatigued spring. Because of this the door may bind as it opens and closes.

A second factor is that springs typically break within a few months or a year of each other due to the fact that the steel weakens evenly on both springs. By the time one of the one-piece spring breaks, the remaining spring will surely be near breaking down also.

If you have a 2nd or 3rd one-piece garage door, you can wait to replace the springs on that door until one of them breaks. Generally, home owners do not use each of their doors equally, so one of the doors will have a broken spring before any other door.

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