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A lady called asking us to come out and tighten the roller chain on her old garage door motor. Over the phone I explained that rarely the chain gets loose and most likely the sprocket is wearing out and needs replacement. Upon arrival we saw the garage door opener...

Garage door geeks got a phone call requesting to come out for an estimate and install a garage door as soon as possible. When the technician arrived, he saw the garage door had folded in on its self when the bottom rollers popped out of the track. The client...

A customer called us today to fix what he thought was a broken torsion spring on his garage door. He explained the problem over the phone as being extremely heavy to.open the door. When we arrived the torsion spring had in fact broken. While fixing the problem he also...

A commercial customer had called us to repair the cables on his large garage door in a mechanic shop. Upon arrival we saw that the cables had frayed and would have broken soon. We removed the tension from each torsion spring and loosened the cables enough to remove them....

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