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HomeArchive by Category "garage door repair"
Home Archive by Category "garage door repair"

A user called for a garage door not to be opened and an error message on the LCD screen showed unnecessary force to open. I handled it on the phone as the torsion springs are broken. We had barn doors before we had the whole idea of garage doors....

A customer called us to replace the bottom seal or bottom rubber of a garage door. Upon arrival we noticed that the bottom retainer was plastic and didn’t crack over time and doesnt have to be replaced. In order to change the rubber we needed to remove the bottom...

A customer called about a garage door opener problem where the garage door wouldn’t stay down. The first diagnosis over the phone was the garage door limit needed to be adjusted. I tried helping the customer over the phone as not to come out, but he was not able...

A customer called us explaining over the phone that the garage door wouldn’t move when pressing the button. The diagnosis over the phone was the nylon gear inside the garage door opener stripped out or the sprocket kit ontop of the motor broke. Upon arrival the customer explained the...

A customer called complaining of a garage door not lifting and an error message appearing on the LCD screen saying excessive force to open. Over the phone I diagnosed it as the torsion springs being broken. Upon arrival the tirsion springs were fine, and the garage door didn’t need...

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